Boost Geocaching Numbers With Power Trails

Are you new to geocaching or just getting back into the sport? Maybe you have been geocaching for a long time but just don't have huge numbers? Regardless, doing a geocaching power trail is a quick way to boost your number of finds.

A power trail is a group of caches hidden one after another, usually on the side of a road, a trail in the woods or along a greenway. There are usually at least three or four caches hidden in every mile. Many will have a cache hid every 1/10 of a mile (528 feet), which is the minimum amount of space that needs to be in between any two caches.

Power trails are not always the hardest caches to find and usually are just a micro or small cache. But with so many caches in such a condensed area, power trails are a great way to boost your numbers or hone your cache-finding skills.

There are a few power trails in Wyoming. One of the power trails you will find in the southeast corner of the state is the "Chalk Series". This power trail has over 50 caches and runs along County Road 203 in Wyoming down into Colorado. It is a series of quick finds and you even have a chance to find a few other caches while working on the power trail as there are a few mixed in that are not part of the "Chalk" series.

So if you are looking for a quick way to pick up a bunch of smileys and add to your numbers, be sure to check out one of the great power trails in your area. Go to to find any and all power trails in your state.

As always, go out, find a cache and remember, "It is all in the hunt..."

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