8 Tips for Moms who Are New to Triathlons

Have you ever thought about trying a triathlon?

It's a great way to get into great shape and try something new. I know Being a mom can mean having a chaotic schedule.

You are probably asking when would you even have time to workout? I have managed to find time to train, get into great shape, and be there for my three beautiful children.

After going through many trials and errors to find time to train, I found these eight tips essential for all moms who are new to triathlons.

  1. Set a Goal
    By selecting a date and event you want to participate in, your motivation will only improve. Check out a site like here on Active.com for an event in your area.

  2. Have a Support System
    Find friends and family to be there for you during your training period. This will allow you to find time to fit in a workout because they can watch your children. A support group is great for motivation, encouragement, and even a training partner. In addition, you will have a fan club cheering you on at your race!

  3. Don't Worry About Getting the Latest Gear
    There's no reason to spend lots of money on new clothes, shoes, or a bike. I used a mountain bike for my first triathlon and I was a-okay. I may get slicks for my bike this next time around, but I don't think a road bike is completely necessary.

    I did find a good deal on a pair of tri shorts for my next event, but again my bathing suit (racer-back top and swim shorts) was just fine for my first time. I wore my running shoes for the bike portion and the run.  

  4. Try to Workout 3-5 Days a Week.
    I found 30-60 minutes 3-5 days per week was enough for me to be able to do my first triathlon. I made sure I did a variety of cardio workouts with additional core strengthening and some weight training.  

  5. Focus on your Weaker Events.
    Since I am a runner, I spent more time swimming and biking, and it actually helped my running.  My endurance has improved significantly since I started cross-training, and I had my best splits ever during the run portion of my first tri.

  6. Get Creative With your Workouts.
    Get your children involved. When I had two children, runs in my BOB Duallie jogger stroller were common. You could take them on a bike ride by pulling them in a trailer.

    If you belong to a YMCA, or other fitness centers with a pool, you could swim while your children are taking their swim lessons.

    Workout early in the morning or later in the evening while the kids are still sleeping (just make sure someone is home to watch them). Go for an early morning bike ride on a Saturday when you may have more time and flexibility.  

  7. Try to get into Some Open Water.
    I, unfortunately, didn't get an opportunity to swim in open water before my last event. That was my biggest mistake. I had done all of my training in a swimming pool. On race day, I was very overwhelmed and flustered in the water. This type of swimming is vastly different than in a pool.

    Check to see if you community offers swimming clinics at a local or state park pond or lake. It's worth looking into. I have since been able to swim a few times in some open water as I prepare for my next event.

  8. Remember to Have Fun.
    Enjoying the experience is the most important thing. Go out there, do your best, and have a blast!

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