4 Tips to Balance Family and Training

Spring is definitely in the air. My family and I are all itching to go outside and get active. Having three young boys keeps my husband and me busy, but it also offers great opportunities to exercise with them while creating fun memories.  

While balancing family life, I try to find ways to train for my next triathlon. Here are four tips to creatively train or exercise without neglecting your first priority, your family. 

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Go to a Local Park With a Nice Trail:

In my area, we are fortunate to have nice parks with decent bike trails and great play structures for the kids. Head over to a park with your spouse, friend and children to get some exercise outside in the beautiful spring weather. Plan to stay there for an hour.

While one of you watches the kids, the other can go for a 25 to 30 minute bike ride or run. Then switch.

You each benefit from an outdoor workout and spend time with your children while they get to play on the playground. They can even take their bikes (put the little ones in a bike trailer) and you can all go for a ride.  

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Get Outside and Play

Our three boys love any kind of sport or outdoor activity. Just getting out in the backyard and playing a game of soccer, freeze tag, basketball or baseball makes them so happy. Plus, it gets everyone's heart rate pumping.

To get some of your strength and interval training accomplished, make up simple drills like jumping jacks, running in place, push-ups or sit-ups. Your toddlers can begin to participate in some of these activities. 

Our youngest loves running around with all of us, especially while we play basketball, even though he never lets go of the ball. You can begin establishing patterns of healthy living and exercise while your children are young. At the same time you're spending quality time with them.

Join Your Local Kid-Friendly Gym

I cannot mention enough how thankful I am for our local YMCA. Our children have benefited greatly from the inexpensive children's programs and my husband and I enjoy working out there. It has so much to offer for all of us. 

At this point, I do all of my swim training at the YMCA, sometimes while my boys are taking their own swim lessons. I'm grateful to the excellent staff that cares for our children while I workout. We try to make time to do the family open swims with our boys and play active games like basketball in the gym.

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Take Advantage of the Time Change and Warm Weather

Now that the days are longer and warmer, you can go out for an early morning or evening run. Make a schedule with your spouse to stay home with the kids as you train outdoors. 

It's always nice to take some time out of your day to be by yourself in order to help reset your mind and body. You'll come back feeling refreshed and full of energy for your family.

Incorporate these tips into your daily routine to train smart and balance your family.

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