8 Fall Fitness Classes for Kids

8 Fall Fitness Classes for Kids

Pandas/Bears 6 Weeks Class

Houston, Texas - Various Dates

Introduce fitness to your little one to improve their health and build their motor skills. Read More

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Zumbatomic Little Stars

Newberg, Oregon - Various Dates

Children ages three to five get to dance their little hearts out in this Zumba class. Not only will they learn about fitness, but they'll hear new styles of music. Read More

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Fitness Swim For Kids

American Canyon, California - Various Dates

Help your child stay fit and make healthy choices in this swim fitness class. Kids will learn new swim strokes while playing games in the pool. Read More

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Intro to Fitness, Teen

San Jose, California - Various Dates

Before your teen hits the gym sign them up for this introductory class to gym equipment. They'll learn how to safely use machines and proper lifting techniques. Read More

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Girl Power Fitness

Round Rock, Texas - Various Dates

Designed just for girls, this fitness class teaches your child how to use cardio machines and weights in a gym. It's a non-intimidating environment and will help boost their confidence. Read More

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Fitness: Teens in Training

Omaha, Nebraska - Varioous Dates

Teens ages 16 to 19 will learn how to safely and effectively lift weights. In addition, learn about proper nutrition and what supplements to take. Read More

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KickFit Cardio (14+)

Goodyear, Arizona - Various Dates

All skill levels are welcomed to join this calorie burning fitness class. Kids will learn new exercises and how to live an active lifestyle. Read More

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Move and Groove Cardio for Kids

Columbus, Ohio - Various Dates

This is a unique circuit training class for kids. They'll improve balance, agility and endurance through various obstacle courses, running and hula hooping. Read More

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