7 Yoga Classes for Kids

7 Yoga Classes for Kids

Expand your child's activities and introduce them to the world of yoga. All ages will learn about healthy living and enhance their physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. Sign up for one of these seven yoga classes for kids.

Providence Afterschool Yoga K-2

Fairfax, Virginia -- February 17 to March 24

Let your child focus on balance, fitness and self-confidence after a long day of school. In yoga, they will burn excessive energy and learn how to use their imagination. Read More

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Yoga - Teen

Saint Paul, Minnesota -- March 1 to April 19

Is your teen stressed? Sign them up for a yoga class to reduce their tension and get them health savvy. Read More

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Yoga Parent & Child

Saint Paul, Minnesota -- March 4 to April 22

Teach your child the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and sign up for yoga together. You'll strengthen balance, core and share bonding time together. Read More

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Teen Yoga

E. Sandwich, Massachusetts -- March 5 to April 2

Instead of your teen laying in bed all Saturday afternoon, sign them up for a fun yoga class. They will improve their flexibility, mental attitude and fitness level. Read More

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Mom and Baby Yoga

Malta, New York -- March 10 to April 14

This unique yoga class offers breathing techniques and movements to keep you refreshed and relaxed. Bond with your baby as you sing songs and practice yoga poses. Read More

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Yoga for Kids - Yoga Playground

Half Moon Bay, California -- March 14 to May 2

It's play time. Your child will stretch their imagination as they practice movement, storytelling and meditation in this Yoga for Kids class. Read More

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Toddler Yoga

E. Straudsbur, Pennsylvania -- April 1 to May 6

Engage your toddler on a yoga journey where they playfully explore animal inspired yoga poses and breathwork. Watch them develop coordination and body awareness. Read More

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