Technical Speed: A Complete Practice on Passing

Warm Up

Time: 5 to 10 minutes Activity level: Mild, ramping up Space: General, 1 to 2 players per group

The Game: Players in the grid are without the ball, players on outside each have a ball. Inside players move around the grid freely, receive a ball from an outside player and return it as quickly as they can. Switch positions after a while.
  • Return with one touch, then two touches
  • Receive with outside of the foot, inside of the foot, left foot only...
  • Receive balls out of the air
  • Receive, do a dribbling move then return
  • Receive, turn and find a different target
Coaching Points
  • Quality of first touch: Keep it outside your "footprints" so that it can be returned quickly
  • Receive "sideways-on" when shielding from an opponent
  • Prepare surface as soon as possible
  • Be first to the ball, get into the line of flight of the ball
  • Check away, then back to the ball
  • Make "eye contact" with the server
  • Changes of speed and direction
  • Teach turning moves when players need to get the ball back to a different server
  • Do not run "across" the server, check back at an angle--This makes it easier to turn and look back over your shoulder

Small Game

Time: 20 to 25 minutes Activity level: Medium progression to high Space: Smaller defined space, 3 to 5 players per group

The Game--Corner Passing: Players with the ball are put on the outside of the grid. The other players pair up inside the grid and designate one person as the attacker and one as the defender (Attackers wear the same color). The attacking player must get free of their defender, receive a ball from any support player and play it back without losing possession.
Coaching Points
  • Change of speed, change of direction
  • Take defender away from the player you want to receive the ball from to create space for yourself
  • Receive sideways-on, to create more time for yourself
  • Make sure to rotate players
  • Attacker does five push ups at the end of the session for each time defender touched the ball
  • Attackers must make two or three touches before returning the ball
  • Must return ball to different support player

Team Game

Time: 30 minutes plus Activity level: High Space: Defined for the game = larger space, 7 to 11 players per team

The Game--Targets:
Start with three teams of equal numbers. The space should be rectangular in shape. Team A starts as free target players on all sides of space. Teams B and C play a game of keep-away. Passes can be made to the A players (they must return the ball to the passer's team). Count the number of consecutive passes. Ten equals one goal. After a specified time period, or a goal, rotate teams. Let the scoring team make the decision whether to become targets or stay in the grid.
Coaching Points
  • Encourage good pace and accuracy of passes
  • Pace should be fast enough so defenders can not intercept, and comfortable for the receiver to control
  • Accuracy--Ball should be played to players feet
  • Players need to make good decisions on how to utilize targets to retain possession
  • Targets can only one-touch the ball
  • Field players must have 1, 2 or 3 touches, depending on skill level
  • Award a goal if player can make a wall pass with target players

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