5 Softball Conditioning Drills

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Many coaches recognize the importance of softball conditioning. However, because there are so many things to achieve in practice, coaches just don't have time to include any conditioning work.

Here are a few softball drills that will help your team work on their skills while improving their conditioning at the same time.

Drill No.1: Running Lap Tosses

Purpose: To develop catching and throwing skills while conditioning. This drill uses time efficiently.

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Procedure: Partners are about six feet apart and play catch as they run using underhand tosses. They can run a full lap or in a straight line down the field and back. The drill develops players' catching and throwing skills and takes their minds off running.

Drill No.2: Merry-Go-Round

Purpose: For infielders to warm up or work on conditioning while fielding ground balls.

Procedure: Players form two fielding lines at opposite corners of the infield; one to the left of second base and one at home. Be careful that the players in line at second don't trip over the base.

Two hitters hit or throw from the pitching circle area, one to each line. Players field and run to the end of the opposite line. Hitters hit ground balls, fly balls, range balls, line drives, and scoops.

Players return the ball to their hitter or place it in a bucket at the line they are running to. Hitters should have a bucket of extra balls to replace balls that fielders miss so the drill can be done at a steady pace.

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Drill No.3: Weave Drill

Purpose: To improve softball conditioning for outfielders while catching fly balls.

Procedure: Four players start in a line in left field. A tosser throws a ball to the first player, who fields and throws the ball back to the tosser and then runs toward center field to catch another ball thrown by the same person.

The fielder returns that ball to another tosser at second base, who repeats the sequence as the fielder continues to run toward right field.

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