5 Tips for Camping With a Dog

So you're ready to take the family camping—and Fido is a part of that family. But, before you hit the road, there are a few things to consider when camping with a dog.

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Find a 24 Hour Vet

Before you go camping with a dog, it's important to know where the closest 24 hour vet is. Though you never expect a medical emergency, a rattlesnake bite, for example, needs immediate attention. Simply having this information on hand will bring you peace of mind during the trip. 

Be Wary of Ticks

The chance of a tick landing on your dog is relatively high. Be sure to buy tick medication before taking a dog camping to protect against the pests you can't control. 

Remember, some flea medications do not cover ticks so make sure Fido has coverage; you can check with your vet about this before heading out. It's also important you know how to get a tick off in case one does land. Ask your vet to show you how to remove it, or buy tick removal gear.

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Don't Forget the Necessities

Don't forget to bring an extra leash, collar, dog meds, food and treats. If your dog has short hair, consider a thermal jacket or something to keep him warm. Also, bring a bed, towel or pillow for your pet to sleep on.

Do Your Trail Research

Before you take a dog camping, consider how it will affect your hiking plans. Remember, many state parks forbid dogs on the trails. Don't let your weekend be ruled by "No Dogs Allowed" signs, and be sure to check all of the rules before you depart. 

Prepare Your Pup

Though your dog is active on a regular basis, he may not be prepared for a 6-mile hike, or longer. Don't risk taking him on a trip he can't handle. Instead, take a few practice hikes beforehand. Try to find treks that is similar in terrain and required effort. 

Camping with a dog is a no-brainer for families with pets. But, be sure to research the area and ask other dog owners for their suggestions to ensure your family and your pup have the best experience.

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