5 Ways to Get Noticed at a Sports Camp

Sports camps aren't just for improving your skill level, they can also be an excellent way to catch the attention of a college coach—and possibly secure a spot on a college squad.

But the competition at a sports camp is often stiff, and separating yourself from the pack can be difficult.

Here are five simple, yet effective, ways in which players can get noticed at a sports camp and extend their sports career beyond high school graduation:

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Stay in Shape

Don't come to camp expecting you'll "get in game shape" in a couple weekends. In the cattle-call environment that is a sports camp, athletes with less than stellar levels of fitness are easy to spot, and even easier to relegate to the bench.

Make sure your level of physical fitness is up to par and that you're ready to do your best when the camp starts.

Make a Good (First) Impression

Sports isn't just about results, it's also about players making the most of their talent and potential. It's therefore important to highlight your strengths and dedication to the game by hustling and constantly competing.

Just be aware that making a good impression on the coach can sometimes end up annoying other players. (Teacher's pet, anyone?) The key lies in having a good rapport with everybody at the camp and trying to make the most out of the experience.

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Bring Your Passion

Your three-point shot or your curveball may not show up every day, but effort and passion can. A strong passion for the game can help you get better quickly. It can also catch the immediate attention of coaches who are always on the lookout for dedicated players who can be transformed into superior college athletes.

Demonstrate Leadership

Being a leader doesn't necessarily mean being overbearing or bossy. It means taking additional responsibilities and stepping outside your comfort zone whenever there is a need to do so. Being accountable and thinking of the squad or group first can help get you to the top of a coach's list.

Show Up On Time!

Don't be late, okay? Nothing turns off a coach more than players who stumble in late to camp activities. Not only will being punctual help boost your skill — you're there to learn, aren't you? — but it can go a long way toward presenting yourself as an athlete with integrity. College coaches aren't just looking for talent; they're also looking for players who won't be a headache for four years.

All of these reiterate that being pleasant to be around — punctual, accountable, passionate, enthusiastic, etc. — will make you enticing to college coaches. So next time you go back into the gym to work on your free throws, don't forget to also work on your attitude as well.

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