Girls on the Run Is Looking for Coaches

Are you the type of person that enjoys coaching and inspiring others? Are you looking to give back to the community? Consider joining the Girls on the Run (GOTR) team, where fitness + health = fun.

Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization that encourages girls eight to twelve years old to develop self-respect and a healthy lifestyle through running. The program addresses issues many girls face during middle school years such as physical development, emotional and social issues, nutrition, and character-building.

The sessions are twice a week for 75 minutes where girls are able to focus on future success. The main goal is to get girls aware of many issues and prepare them for life so they are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and build self-confidence. Megan Stillerman, San Diego GOTR Chair, is passionate about the program. "Parents frequently tell us that the program was instrumental in improving their daughters' self-esteem. This is an awkward age for many kids, and Girls on the Run gets girls moving in a positive direction both physically and mentally."

The training program is a 12-week fitness program that is focused around running. Non-runners are welcomed to join-many of the girls have not even run one mile. By the end of the course, the girls are able to run a 5K. "It's so exciting to see girls cross the finish line in a 5K run," Stillerman said. "They're giggling and goofy and having a fabulous time. More importantly they have gained valuable fitness lessons that will last a lifetime."

Girls on the Run is looking for coaches to be a part of this national organization. There are over 150 chapters nationwide that continue to help girls learn healthy patterns. GOTR is looking for volunteers who have:

  • Passion for the mission of Girls on the Run
  • A strong desire to work in the field of girl development
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to be flexible and to improvise when needed
  • The ability to recognize conflict and have the skills to help resolve it
  • Experience volunteering or working with youth
  • Awareness of the common and different needs of girls
  • No formal running experience necessary!

To find a chapter near you, check out the Girls on the Run website .

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