8 Tips to Balance Family and Running

If you're a newbie runner who also happens to be a parent, it can be difficult to schedule your runs into your day. If your little one(s) are small enough for a jogging stroller, that's a great way to combine running with your parental responsibilities. What happens though when your kids are too big for the stroller or have soccer games that you'd like to see?

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Here are eight tips to help you manage a running schedule and your family.

Run Before Your Kids Wake Up

Morning runs are a great solution if you have another adult to watch the kids. You also are able to get your run done for the day and can go to any after school event to support your kids. But, what if you're not a morning person? To stick to a morning routine, search for a running buddy. A morning running pal can help you stay committed. If you don't show up in the morning, not only do you let yourself down, but you let your partner down too. A running buddy can help you stick to your plan.

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Run After Your Kids Go to Bed

Again, this is pretty obvious, but it's still a good time to run as long as you have another adult handy. The hardest part about running at night is that you might be tired from a long day. Find ways to help you stick to your night running plan. One way is to write it down in your calendar.

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Find a Running Buddy (or Two) and Swap Kids

Work with other parents to schedule your runs. One of you watches all the kids while the other runs and then swaps. It's a win-win for all involved, especially if your kids all get along. Your kids will probably look forward to their play dates while you run.

Get a Babysitter

Schedule regular run times every week with a babysitter and enjoy your alone time.

Take Your Kids to the Local Track

This is a great way to spend time with your kids while you run, but they need to be able to entertain themselves while you run. Pile your kids in the car and head to your local track. Let your children play on the infield while you run on the track. You'll still be able to keep and eye on them while you're getting a workout in.

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Run to Your Children's Sporting Event

Let your spouse or another adult drive your kids to the game while you run there. If you time it right, you won't miss a second of the soccer game.

Run Around the Soccer Field During the Game

You can easily run laps around the field while your child plays his or her game. This works well for soccer, lacrosse, rugby, football and baseball games. Watch the game and cheer for your young athlete as you get your run on.

Run a Treadmill

Many runners dread the treadmill, but it can be the best way to run if you have young kids. If you don't have a treadmill at home, you can get a gym membership that has onsite babysitting services and use their equipment.

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Do you have any other clever ways to squeeze in a run? Share below.

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