6 Ways to Work Out as a Family

As life gets busier and parents work more hours it can be difficult to find time to exercise. Taking time to exercise sometimes means that you have to take time from other activities. However, you do not have to take time away from being with your family to exercise-spend that time together as a family instead.

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When you want to work out and get fit as a family, try some of these exercise suggestions:

Outdoor Activities

All year long there are opportunities to get active outside and you can involve the whole family in any of these activities. In warmer seasons, you can hike, bike, swim or play tennis. In colder seasons, you can ski, sled, snowshoe or simply play in the snow.

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Explore a New Park

Most areas have parks that are filled with hiking trails, lakes and bike paths. If you do not have many parks close by, make it a day long or weekend trip to go out and find parks where you can get active as a family.

Join a Fitness Center

Gyms and clubs offer activities for people of all ages. If you have older children, play a game of basketball with them. If your children are younger, there are activities they can participate in while you are working out. The best thing about going to the gym as a family is that family memberships often cost less than individual memberships.

Make it An Event

Get more families involved by putting together a multi-family baseball game or an afternoon of fun at the park with some of your children's best friends (and their families).

Have a Dance Off

Too cold to head outside? Put on some music and shake your booty. The kids will laugh and have a great time trying to out-dance you and you might just be able to teach them some new moves. Take turns choosing the music. There are also several dance exercise DVDs you may be able to enjoy as a family as well.

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Charity Events

Contribute to a cause as a family. There are many events to choose from like walking, biking or even stair-climbing. Not only will your kids be active, but will feel good about making a contribution to something they think is important.

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