5 Ways for Young Athletes to Build Confidence

Have Faith in Your Teammates

Don't try to carry the team all by yourself. This will only put more pressure on you, and you may eventually crack. Your confidence will suffer as a result.

Instead of trying to do everything yourself, have faith and trust your teammates. When a team works together, it helps every individual become a better player. If you really want to have more confidence in your game, try to make your teammates better. If you know you're making your teammates better players, then it will be easier to have faith in yourself.

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Start off Easy

A simple way to improve your confidence is to start with something easy. For example, a basketball player can begin every practice with easy shots a few feet from the basket. Watching the ball go through the hoop over and over helps you build a rhythm and gain confidence in your shooting ability.

Tiger Woods starts his practice sessions by making 100 three-foot putts.

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Above all, the best thing you can do to improve your confidence is practice.

Confidence is based on evidence and experience, and this comes from practice. If you constantly work on your skills, you'll know what you're capable of and have more faith in your ability. You'll be able to relax and perform with confidence in games because you've put in the time during practice.

Confidence is one of the most important traits for an athlete. All great players have confidence in their own abilities, which helps them take on challenges and play hard regardless of their opponent. Being a good player in any sport isn't just about training and practicing in the gym or on the field, it's also about working on the mental side of the game that separates an average athlete from an elite athlete.

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