How to Make Your Kids Fall in Love With Camping

Make Nighttime Fun

Nighttime at the campsite can be scary for your little ones, so make it fun.

  • Go for a moon light hike and see what you discover in the dark. Do you hear different sounds? Do you see different wildlife now versus during the day? Are your senses heightened because you can't see as well?
  • Gaze at the stars and see how many constellations, shooting stars and galaxies you can spot.
  • Tell stories around the campfire and roast s'mores or other campfire desserts.
  • Use a flashlight to make shadow puppets on the tent walls. Have your kids make a story for their puppet show.

When you take kids camping, consider how you can make it a memorable experience for you and them, even before you leave for the campsite. With these ideas, and some of your own, your kids are bound to fall in love with camping.

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