How to Make Your Kids Fall in Love With Camping

Go With Friends

Camp with another family or let your kids bring a friend. Having a companion helps keep them entertained. Not to mention, they're often more inclined to hang with friends than their parents.

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Outfit Your Kids

Purchase camping gear suitable for your children. Some items to buy:

  • Camp chair
  • Sleeping bag
  • Headlamp
  • Fishing pole

If possible, let them pick their own gear. Kids get excited when they have equipment like Mom and Dad, even more so when they choose it themselves. Look for gently used outdoor gear at second hand stores, newspaper classifieds and online.

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Let Them Help at Camp

When you arrive at camp allow your kids to help set up the tent, arrange the kitchen area and organize the rest of the site. Send them on a mission to collect wood for the fire, if wood collecting is allowed. Chances are, the more they feel included the less bored they'll be.

Plan Kid-Friendly Activities

Plan fun activities, such as a scavenger hunt, crafts, and fishing. Other kid-friendly camping activities include camp games, building a fort, hiking and biking. Eliminate boredom and you help eliminate complaining.

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