Tennis Drill: Serve and Volley Crosscourt

Tennis Drill: Serve and Volley Crosscourt

Category: Serving
Submitted by: Brandon K.

Drill Description:
One player is serving and the other player is returning. The point is played out crosscourt.

Player A serves the ball from the deuce side to the opposite deuce side and follows it into the net. Player B returns the ball and can either come to the net or stay back. The players then proceed to play the point out crosscourt, as if playing on half-courts.

You can play a game to eleven if the players want to have a little competition. Once one player reaches eleven, repeat the same thing on the ad side. Once this is complete, switch positions.

This drill works on both serving accuracy and return accuracy. By limiting the area to play with, the players must concentrate. Using competition also helps to keep the players motivated and working hard.

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