6 Tips for Advanced Tennis

6 Tips for Advanced Tennis

Take your game to the next level with these tips for advanced tennis. From warm up to match point, here are six techniques for outplaying your next opponent.

Share This Roddick Secrets of the Backhand Slice

An effective slice can add some much-needed variety to your attack. Here's a lesson on using the secrets of the slice to your advantage.

Kick 10 Strategies for Successful Matches

When an important match is on the line, it helps to have a game plan. From warm up to match point, here are 10 strategies for outplaying your next opponent.

Federer How to Serve Like Roger Federer

Roger Federer may not have the m.p.h. of other pros, but if you were to pick one serve to model your game after, look to Roger's.

Faster 3-Step Plan for Improving Your Game

Technique is certainly crucial, but often times a win is determined by your attitude. Improve your outlook on and off the courts with this three-step plan for turning your tennis life around.

Slice Overcome Your Fear of the Net

We've all been there: after an incredible approach shot, you miss that easy volley to seal the point. Why do you choke at the most crucial moments? It could be that you're afraid of the net.

Drill The New Volley Paradigm

Even in today's fast-paced game, opportunities still exist to attack the net. Find out how the all-around attacking style is making a comeback and can help you secure match point.

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