Crunching the Numbers: Baseball Scholarships


How Many Schools: NAIA baseball consists of 214 schools across the country, including powerhouse Lewis-Clark State in Idaho.

Scholarship Count: NAIA baseball programs are allowed 12 scholarships.

Scholarship Breakdown: Scholarships can be full or partial rides. Players with good academic records can receive aid without it counting toward the 12-grant limit.

NJCAA Division I

How Many Schools: The Division-I level of junior-college baseball features 188 teams.

Scholarship Count: Junior-college programs are allowed 24 scholarships.

Scholarship Breakdown: Many scholarships are full rides and cover all expenses, though partial rides are also possible.

NJCAA Division II

How Many Schools: There are 130 schools playing Division-II junior-college baseball. That includes recent national champion Longview Community College in Lee’s Summit, Mo.

Scholarship Count: Division-II programs are allowed 24 scholarships, just like Division I.

Scholarship Breakdown: Unlike Division I, scholarships at the Division II level can only cover tuition, fees and books—not room and board.

NJCAA Division III

How Many Schools: There are 79 schools in NJCAA Division III.

Scholarship Count: Much like NCAA Division III, there are no athletic scholarships given in NJCAA Division III.

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