Tennis Drill: Up and Back Overhead

Tennis Drill: Up and Back Overhead

Category: Overheads
Submitted by: Brandon K.

Drill Description:
Player A starts at the net. Player B,? the ball-feeder, stands on the baseline. Player A touches the net with his racket signaling Player B to feed him an overhead. Player A then shuffles back into position to hit the overhead.

After he hits the overhead, he runs up and touches the net with his racket. When he does this, the person on the baseline feeds him another overhead. Repeat this until ten overheads have been hit. Switch and have the person who was feeding balls now hit overheads. Repeat drill three times or more if necessary.

This is a good drill to work on moving back for your overheads and to work on the scissor-kick jump that is necessary to jump for some overheads.

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