The Ultimate Guide to Playing Shooting Guard

With the 3-point shot such a huge part of today's game, the need for a reliable shooting guard is stronger than ever.

The shooting guard (or 2 guard) is best known as being the team's sharpshooter. Point guards work to set up the shooting guard for a long-range shot. The more accurate a shooting guard is, the more it opens up the floor for the other four players.

Beyond shooting, though, the shooting guard needs to be a strong perimeter defender, needs strong ball handling skills to relieve the point guard and must be able to create scoring opportunities if nobody else can.

Here are tips and drills you need to play the shooting guard position to the best of your ability.


The heart of a shooting guard's job description is in the title itself: to be able to shoot. Here are tips to keep in mind to refine your ability.

3 Ways to Make More 3-Point Shots: Learn different drills used by the pros to develop long-range accuracy.

Shooting Off the Dribble: This animation reinforces the fundamentals needed to pick up your dribble and hit a big shot..

7 Habits of Successful Shooting Guards: Learn what the best shooting guards do to prepare for big games.

Perimeter Defense

Perimeter shooting can make a big difference in big games. Make sure your defender is handcuffed with this expert advice from top coaches and NBA superstars.

6 Steps for Better Perimeter Defense: Defense is more than effort. Here are six fundamentals to keep in mind when you're working on your defense.


Though it's largely the point guard's job, shooting guards will be asked to make strong passes as well--both around the perimeter and into the paint. Here's how you do that to the best of your ability.

Basketball 101: Fundamentals of Passing: Get a refresher course on what kind of passing options you have--and when it's best to use each one in a game situation.

The Art of the One-Handed Pass: Though two-handed passes are ideal, it doesn't hurt to work on plays you might need in a game. Here is how to work on the one-handed pass.

Strength and Conditioning

A shooting guard's body can be improved in the areas of strength, agility and quickness. Use these tips to become a bigger, stronger and faster basketball player.

The Definitive 6-Week Guard Workout: This training plan will get any guard faster, stronger and quicker for next season.

3 Drills for an Explosive First Step: Create separation by being a step quicker than your defender. These three workouts will do the trick.

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