The Science Behind Your Vertical Leap

Sample Training Program

There is no end all be all, magical training program out there. As long as you increase your power-to-weight ratio and have efficient flexibility to get into the proper positions to jump, then your vertical jump will increase. There are millions of different variations of exercises and programs that can help you achieve those goals. The real secret is picking a program, consistently sticking to it and never giving up!

That being said, the goal of this program is to simultaneously increase your velocity, strength, and flexibility, which will then carryover and increase your vertical jump. Therefore you have to be adding weight to these exercises every week and consciously try to jump as quick and high as you can on every rep.

Day 1

  • Dynamic Warmup
  • 8-10 Running Vertical Jumps
  • 3x5 Maximum Full Olympic Back Squats
  • 2x10 Glute Ham Raise

Day 2

  • Dynamic Warmup
  • 3x5 Benchpress
  • 2x5 Chinups with weight (Use bodyweight if you can’t use weight)
  • 2x8 Dumbell Rows
  • 2x8 Dumbell Shoulder Shrugs

Day 3

  • Static Stretch

Day 4

  • Static Stretch

Day 5

  • Dynamic Warmup
  • 5 Standing Broad Jumps
  • 3x2 Depth Jumps
  • 2x3 Maximum Front Squats
  • 2x10 Dumbell Lunges

Day 6

  • Dynamic Warmup
  • 2x8 Incline bench press
  • 3x5 Max pullups with weight(Use body weight if you can’t use weight)
  • 2x5 Barbell Rows
  • 3x5 Dumbell Shoulder press

Day 7

  • Static Stretch

Then repeat the workout again the next week, trying to add weight to every lift and jump higher/further/quicker. If at any point you are feeling overworked, beat up, or drained, take the day off and eat more food! Nutrition is equally important as the actual training when it comes to the vertical jump.

As long as your power-to-weight ratio is improving every week and you feel energized and healthy every day then you are heading in the right direction.

Good luck and have fun flying!

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