Duke's Diary: Technology

WOW! Who in the world is Bill Gates? He's one of the richest men in the world, no doubt. Man, and how is he so paid? He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. By thinking futuristically and outside the box, he envisioned the many possibilities we could do through technology. We all keep him paid as consumers buying into his idea of allowing computers to "think for us" which has all become a part of the "Generation Next" movement which feeds into our "gotta-have-it-now" syndrome. Times sure have changed even from the time I remember growing up as a kid and teenager.

I remember the time between my junior high and freshman year of high school when I was simply just trying to get the latest piece of technology, a "garage door opener," a.k.a., a "beeper/pager." Man, people would line up at the pay phones and be in a mad hurry to call someone back if they got beeped. Think about the person on the other end that sent the beep? They had to sit around by a phone and wait for the person they beeped to call them back. Maybe...just maybe, they might have had call waiting...on their land line. If they didn't, too bad, they missed the call back. How funny was that! Man that pager/beeper fad was huge, and if you had one, you were big stuff!

I also can remember the first cell phones. My cousin had one and we thought he was "da man!" He carried it around in a case...briefcase that is (cause it was so huge!), and he always made sure that if we used it, it was only on the weekends because he didn't want to go over his allotted minutes. No such thing as unlimited minutes. Then my mom got a cell phone and I use to BORROW it...only on the weekends though. I really believe that's why kids started sagging their pants because the phone was so heavy in our pockets, the pants had to sag. Funny! Just some observations of the fun memories I think about when it comes to the advancement of technology and how specifically it has evolved over the years, right before our eyes. Now days, a cell phone is basically a small computer! I MEAN YOU HAVE IPADS etc... I never would have imagined that it would turn into that.

I always knew technology was a beast and it would change with the times, but not at the pace it has. Today, if you don't have a computer or some sort of communications technology, you might as well crawl into a hole and not come out. The world will pass you by. You must get with it. Even now I see grandmas and granddads with the cell phones trying to get their communications on. Grandma texting...how funny is that?

I mean, now you have a whole new frontier of communications. You have social networking sites like, Facebook, MySpace, Skype and Twitter (follow me @foreverYCP) and whatever else is out there, to communicate and stay in touch with your friends, not just down the street, across town, or across country, but all over the world!

Back in the day, I only had a scrap piece of paper or a little black book to keep up with the 411 on my people of importance, and then I had to call my friends on the phone. No emails, text messages or Facebook stuff to keep up with each other. Oh yeah, big note, without technology we use to always be on time for basketball in the hood. If we say we going to meet at 3:30 for a game, everybody would be on time. Now days, with technology, we're late or we're texting to say we're late, "Come on man!"

Technology's a huge way the world works and I bet most of you guys probably couldn't live without it. You grew up with it! You'd probably go into shock if (when) you lost your cell phone, iPhone or Blackberry? It would be like the equivalent of someone taking your best friend away! And here's why...we all have become dependent upon technology. Let's face it, we're all just technology junkies, "Crackberry" lovers, and we've become addicts of the cyber world. Some people even sleep with them; like they have cotton in them as a pillow. Probably the most sophisticated changes in technology over the years have come in the video games we play. Man, I know you guys know nothing about ATARI with a real joystick and one red button?

The basketball game was one-on-one with a square ball. Technology kept advancing and then Nintendo came out and everyone thought that was the best thing since sliced bread. What happened next? More and more improvements have come. Technology has kept progressing and now it's delved into simulated reality. Inventors kept thinking of ways to make it better, more vivid and more real-like. The results...now we have High Definition video games from PS3, XBOX 360, all the way to exercise Wii. I for one never thought any of this stuff would become a reality.

All my little commentaries about technology is simply just to make you think for a second about how we live and what we rely on every day. What if we had none of it? No HDTV, video games, cell phones, text message, Facebook, MySpace, Blackberry, or even my personal favorite, iPhones? What would we do and how would the world turn? Somehow I think we'd manage to get by. We came this far without it!

In the meantime, technology continues to run a fast race at an enormous pace. Someone's getting rich and we are becoming the laziest country in the world? I know each and every one of you have even called someone who lives in the same household as you instead of getting up and going downstairs to ask them what you wanted to know. Can you really work a math problem without a calculator? Think about how crazy that is!

Research shows that this generation's personal communication skills are much lower than last because back in the day, there was pride in being able to verbally communicate with one another. Think about it...is technology really as helpful as it's portrayed to be by the media? It could all crash tomorrow with a single attack on a technology tower or a single communications satellite destroyed. As quiet as it's kept, we're all just one click, tick, ring or ping away from the world's ability to communicate with one another.

Could you function without technology?

Until the DIARY is unlocked again, enjoy my words. Peace!

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