Defensive Slides - Catapult

Drill Name:

Defensive Slides - Catapult

Major Skill Area:

Defensive Footwork

Drill Details/Instructions:

1. Player begins in the corner at an angle towards the top of the key, their body pointed towards the baseline.

2. Cones are set up diagonally all the way up the floor.

3. Player begins defensive step slides towards the first cone.

4. Once the player reaches the cone, they drop-step, turn a take one giant "catapult" step towards the next cone (as if the offensive player has beaten the defender off the dribble). The player pivots and turns back into the defensive stance and continues the step slides towards the next cone.

5. The player performs this drill all the way up the floor.

6. The player should perform this drill with one giant step after the drop-step, then perform the drill with 2 giant steps.

Drill Philosophy (Why):

• The Defensive Slides - Catapult drill helps improve defensive footwork by forcing the body, lower body in particular, to push past its comfort zone. It teaches the defender to get up and run to beat the offensive player to a spot, should they get beat off the dribble.

Point(s) of Emphasis:

• The player must stay low the entire time during the defensive slides. The only time they are allowed out of the defensive stance is to take their "catapult" steps.

• The player must take as big of a "catapult" step as they can in order to reach the next cone in as few steps as possible.

Common Corrections:

• Players come up out of their defensive stance.

• Players take too many "catapult" steps in order to regain balance. The point of the drill is to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone on the court, to stretch the body farther than you think it can go.

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