The Yoga Face Book Review

With the prices of anti-aging creams and lotions steadily climbing, more people are turning to natural remedies and exercises such as yoga to help them look younger and live longer.

The benefits of yoga for flexibility, balance, and strength are well known. But not many people are aware that yoga expert Annelise Hagen has developed a way to use yoga as an effective tool to revitalize your face and eliminate wrinkles in The Yoga Face.

Our faces, much like the rest of our bodies, are made up of muscles. Just as we exercise the muscles in our body, our face muscles require exercise to remain tight, healthy and vibrant. The Yoga Face provides a guideline to these exercises and presents some practical ways to tone our faces.

This book contains a complete facial workout designed to bring out beautiful, radiant skin. It describes facial movements for the neck, jaw, cheeks, lips, eyes and forehead. Another added benefit is that these exercises can be done anywhere in just minutes.

For example, one exercise is called "Crow, Crow, Go Away," and is intended to prevent or reverse dropping and sagging in the lower eyelids, and to remove the creases of crow's feet. "Start by smiling," Hagen explains. "Next, place your index finger on the crease. Now pulse your lower eyelid muscles against the resistance of the index finger's pressure. This is an isolation movement, so do not move any other facial muscles. Do 20 repetitions. After you become adept, try 40."

The exercises in this book are not limited just to the face. Hagen also suggests full body routines and poses that promote circulation and detoxify the skin. She suggests massage, breathing, and meditation techniques that are intended to help relax the face and allow the skin to glow naturally.

But exercise is only half the battle. What we eat is an equal contributor to our facial appearance. Hagen provides tips on nutrition and natural beauty products which she believes will complement our efforts to remain looking young. At the end of the book, she also provides a list of suggested readings for those interested in exploring the topic further.

At 200 pages, The Yoga Face is an easy read full of engaging anecdotes. It contains 75 instructive photos, and offers an easy, safe alternative for women who care for their appearance but are not willing to go under the knife.

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