July 06 - 08, 2019

Warner Tennis Center Summer Junior Satellite (Level 6) and Novice #2 (Level 7)

July 06 - 08, 2019 Match Tough Tennis Academy/Warner Tennis Center • 6336 Canoga Ave Level-7 Woodland HillsCA  91367
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About this event

July 06 - 08, 2019
Monday, Saturday, Sunday

Match Tough Tennis Academy/Warner Tennis Center

6336 Canoga Ave Level-7 Woodland HillsCA  91367
Division: Satellite: BG(12-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )sd,NEF; Satellite: BG(10 (78'Court/Green Ball) )sd,NEF; Entry Level: BG(12-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,NEF; Orange Level 1: BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) )s,NEF

Notes:Please note "Youth Progression" info:

Level 6 Tournaments
A Level 6 tournament (the satellite level) is a progression level. The SCTA Junior Competition Committee HIGHLY recommends the following:

If you have won three (3) Level 6 (satellite) tournaments by winning three (3) or more matches within those tournaments, you should:

1. Play Level 5 tournaments in the same age division.


2. Play Level 6 tournaments in the next highest age division.

LINK: http://www.scta.usta.com/Juniors/novice__satellite_tournaments/?intloc=headernavsub

Matches are available for HD recording. This is a great tool for players and coaches. Please let us know at the tournament desk if you would like to have your match recorded. We can schedule you on a HD camera court. Matches are $25.00 per match.

Spectator Policy

In an effort to promote a more enjoyable and fair experience for all, the following policy is in immediate force and effect, and shall be diligently and stringently enforced. USTA Southern California (SCTA) has implemented a“ZERO TOLERANCE”policy for improper behavior.

1. Any attempt by a spectator to speak to an officialregarding a line call or other ruling during match play shall be cause for immediate removal from the playing area and, if warranted, from the premises.

2. Any spectator behavior deemed unacceptable towards a player, other spectator or staff member shall be cause for immediate removal from the playing area or the entire premises. If said behavior is directed towards a player, either before, during or after a tournament, it shall result in an automatic and immediate suspension of that spectator’s right to attend USTA Southern California tournaments, for a period of time to be determined by the USTA Southern California Grievance and Sportsmanship Committee.

3. Refusal to adhere to a removal request shall trigger immediate enforcement of the point penalty system against the player with whom the spectator is involved (per point penalty system regulations), including possible immediate default.
4. The On-Site Official is the SOLE judge regarding unacceptable behavior.

Umpire/Spectator communication, whether it be about a ruling or any other facet of a tennis event is prohibited while a match is in progress. Being a parent, coach, etc. does not endow special privileges. With the only exception of the right to remove their own child from competition at any time, a parent or coach is merely a spectator. REMOVAL IS NOT SUBJECT TO APPEAL.
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