3 Tips to Target Your Fitness Goals

Are you on a weight loss regimen and working hard to achieve your goal? Great. To help you on your journey, I'd like to connect you with the Fit-Chick inside of you that is anxiously waiting to be revealed.

The great news is, you don't have to be on hold, you can start adopting her habits now and rapidly improve your momentum. There are three very specific elements to help you target your goals and love your fit life today.

1-Create Your Fit Chick

Your powerful subconscious mind is the control panel to your body. It communicates through habit, color, creativity, imagination and limitless thinking. To start living fit now, you must re-program your subconscious thoughts to align with the fit-chick you want to become. Here you will use a creative process to help you unconsciously speak directly to your inner mind.

With paper and pencil, rally up your  inner artist and draw how you believe you look now. That's right girlfriend, include the bumps, and love-handles. Don't worry about being a da Vinci. Draw yourself from your perspective to the best of your ability.

Next, draw the woman you want to be on the inside of your current parameters. Draw her with the lean curves and strong body that you want.

Have fun with your drawing by tapping into your playful inner child. This is not a time to pass judgment; it is an opportunity to dream.

2-The Space Between

Take a moment to observe the space between who you are now, and the fit-chick you want to become. The space between is an opportunity to learn, grow and develop. Along the left side of your inner-fit-chick drawing, describe what the space between represents.

  • What poor habits created the space between?
  • What emotions must be released to unveil the fit-chick inside of you?
  • List any feelings of unworthiness, past hurts, pains or experiences that have been weighing you down.

3-The Fit Chick Profile

On the right side of your drawing, create a profile of the success factors of the fit-chick. Think as if you are that beautiful fit woman and project the answers from 'her' point of view.

  • What does your fit-chick eat for energy?
  • What is her schedule like? Does she create time to exercise and plan her meals?
  • How does she relax?
  • How does she handle stress?
  • How do others respond to her?
  • What activities does she do for fun?
  • How does she feel about herself?
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