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Lafayette HSA Enrichment Program - Lafayette ES

Monday, January 25, 2016 - Friday, March 18, 2016
Lafayette ES 5701 Broad Branch Rd. WashingtonDC  20015
Monday, January 25, 2016 - Friday, March 18, 2016
Lafayette ES 5701 Broad Branch Rd. WashingtonDC  20015

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What's Included

We offer a project-based, commercial entrepreneurial enrichment program for grades 4-5.Through the program, we seek to unleash a student’s creativity, self-awareness and self-esteem, leadership capabilities and collaborative skills, as we take the students on a journey of discovery into the world of commercial entrepreneurship. We know that teaching entrepreneurship goes far beyond the lemonade stand. Our program is based on a life skill set that will enhance the students throughout their lives no matter which educational or career path our students choose. We have named the skills the five I’s: Inspiration; Ideation and problem solving; Interaction and collaboration; Innovation and creativity; and Initiative; and dubbed them the Entrepreneurial Engine. Using the Entrepreneurial Engine as the mainstay for our program, we have handcrafted activities that augment and complement the curriculum standards taught in schools. At the conclusion of this enrichment program, each student, with the help of his/her student, collaborative team, will have, among other things: (a) developed an idea for a business that captured the team’s imagination; (b) branded the business entity; (c) created a business and marketing plan using financial concepts, such as profit, expense, income, investment, per unit cost, income, and start-up costs, for a business conceived through the team’s own initiatives using the five I’s skill set; and (d) produced a videotaped pitch to attract start-up capital.

About This Organizer

The Home and School Association is proud of LEP, a program for managing afterschool enrichment at Lafayette. The HSA will not directly operate any specific afterschool offerings, but will oversee and centralize the process of registration, attendance and program conformance to all DCPS mandates for using school facilities. Classes vary in content and approach to accommodate different learning styles and interests as well as covering a variety of ages. Enrichment programs aim to allow kids to experiment, take risks, learn new skills, make new friends and develop confidence to succeed inside and outside the classroom.


Please email Hope Scheller -LafayetteEP@gmail.com with any questions.








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Lafayette ES 5701 Broad Branch Rd. WashingtonDC  20015
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