Kennedy Youth Voice Session 3

National Conservatory of Arts/HKML - Kennedy Location

Friday, January 1, 2016 - Friday, April 15, 2016
Kennedy Location 712 Kennedy St. NW WashingtonDC  20011
Friday, January 1, 2016 - Friday, April 15, 2016
Kennedy Location 712 Kennedy St. NW WashingtonDC  20011

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What's Included

Vocal Department NCA offers a program of voice study for the beginning singer through the advanced student. Students generally begin study at age seven or older in individual or group instruction, though boys may sometimes begin study a bet younger. A curriculum shaped by the philosophy of traditional vocal pedagogies informs an approach that assures teaching tailored to the needs of the individual student, with a strong emphasis on healthy vocal technique, confident solo performing, fluent music reading, and skillful ensemble participation. Repertoire and study materials are shaped to the individual student’s interest and level. The typical program for a beginning student is comprised of an Individual Lesson and a Monthly Master Class. As students advance, they participate in Repertoire Class, Chorus, and Chamber Music. Vocal Class Instruction for Beginners These small classes provide an introduction to study in an engaging and supportive group setting. Students learn the fundamentals of first-year study, including vocal technique and music reading. Classes explore a variety of music styles through group and solo singing and participate in NCA concerts. Teachers facilitate the transition to individual study in the second year. Boys Vocal Class The Boys Vocal Class focuses on the study and performance of solo and ensemble repertoire written specifically for the unchanged boy’s voice, as well as works traditionally performed by boy singers. Class members build a foundation of vocal technique with an emphasis on posture, breath, tone production, and diction. Sight-reading and ensemble listening supports the development of critical musicianship skills. Members of the class perform in NCA concerts throughout the year. National Girls Chorus Female students between the ages of 7 yrs - 17 yrs ,may enroll in the National Girls Chorus as a weekly ensemble or as the musicianship component of their program. Through the study of choral literature

About This Organizer

The National Conservatory of Arts' mission is to develop the innate creativity in each individual, inspiring creativity for a lifetime.



-Offer individual and group music instruction, and ensemble and performance opportunities, to students of all levels and abilities.

-Offer classes in Art, dance, and theater to individuals of all interest levels and abilities.

-Foster musicianship, and artistry as well as the development of individual skills and knowledge through responsive teaching.

-Provide teacher training courses, programs, and professional development initiatives, which inspire academic and administrative excellence, and further innovative thinking.

-Promote cultural vitality and lifelong engagement in the arts through performances by faculty and guest artists, student concerts, master classes, and educational outreach programs.



-Providing excellence in music, art, dance, and theater education – from beginning through advanced levels – to infants through adults.

-Sustaining a highly qualified faculty and staff comprised of credentialed, experienced, and dedicated artists, educators, and administrators.

-Cultivating an artistically inspiring environment which is experienced in beautiful, well-equipped music studios, and art and dance facilities, and an acoustically outstanding performance space.



-The School’s Illustrious History

-Inspired and Responsive Teaching

-Comprehensive, Researched, and Documented Curricula

-Individuality within Community

-Collaboration and Peer Support

-Professional Development and Teacher Training

-Creativity and the Artistic Imagination

-The Development of Musicianship

-The Pursuit of Artistry

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  • National Conservatory of Arts/HKML

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Kennedy Location 712 Kennedy St. NW WashingtonDC  20011
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