The Need for Speed Relay Against Domestic Violence

*Editor’s Note: This is an event preview for the 2008 Need for Speed Relay Against Domestic Violence and refers to the event details and descriptions from that year. 

The original Need for Speed Relay Against Domestic Violence in West Chester County, New York will step off on June 8, 2008 at Bear Mountain State Park, running to New Roc City in New Rochelle, New York. This is the third annual event in New York--the original. But for the second year the Avon Foundation has gone national with the Need for Speed Relay Against Domestic Violence.

They are partnering with seven other relays across the country encompassing courses in 11 states. In total these relays will cover 1,231 running miles in 225 segments to give many runners the opportunity--individually or with teams--to help the estimated ten million children in our communities that are affected by domestic violence this year. There will also be one cycling relay of 200 miles in eight legs.

Make your run more meaningful, and more rewarding. Get your heart rate up, and put your heart in the right place by getting involved in this tremendously important effort to assist victims of domestic violence. Pick any of these wonderful relays--outstanding events each--and make your experience and that of your team much more meaningful and rewarding.

The Original--Westchester County, New York

Get your team together. You only need 6 to 9 runners to compete in this outstanding, very worthwhile running experience. It is unique, with nine legs varying from 2.9 to 8.4 miles, and varying also in terrain and overall difficulty. There is a place for runners of all abilities. The legs in order from Bear Mountain State Park to New Rochelle--approximately 53 miles--are: 8.4, 7.5, 6.5, 2.9, 6.8, 6.4, 5.1, 3.7, and 5.7 miles. The course traverses beautiful Westchester County through Hudson Valley towns, through state and county parks, and mostly along trails--terrific relay running experience.

There will be a staggered start so teams do not become too spread. Running is an all-weather sport, so it will take place rain or shine. The finish celebration will be terrific, with live music and lots of food--including great stuff from Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar.

There will be awards given for the top three teams overall, plus the top three in each of the 12 categories: Co-ed Open, Masters, Corporate, Club/School; Women's Open, Masters, Corporate, Club/School; and Men's Open, Masters, Corporate, and Club/School. Those raising $75 or more in pledges are eligible to partake in the VIP finish area with food, beverages, massage, and a special gift. All teams are eligible for fundraising prizes as well. Check the Relay Website for details on prizes, registration, accommodation, and many other details:

The Need for Speed Against Domestic Violence National Relay Series

This year there are seven other events taking part in the National Need for Speed Relay Series. Each is an outstanding event in its own right, and this adds another very positive dimension to each. There are six other running relays and one unique cycling event. As with the original relay in New York, three of the events will take place in June; there will be one each in July and August, and two in September.

The Premiere Partner is the Reach the Beach Relay in New Hampshire, which will partner with the Avon Foundation and the Need for Speed Against Domestic Violence Relay Series for the second year running. Reach the Beach runs 200 miles in 36 legs over approximately 24 hours from the White Mountains in New Hampshire to the Atlantic shore. It was chosen from many events across the country because of its outstanding organization and record of success and dedication to charitable and environmental causes.

Each event in the series was chosen from across the country to run in support of this program because of outstanding leadership, organization, and commitment to community. Funds raised with this series of partnerships and this event will be part of the program aimed at providing help for families and especially children affected by domestic violence. For more on the program and the series go to or

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