2017 Wagga 'Come & Try' Triathlon, Charles Sturt University

Sunday, January 29, 2017
Charles Sturt University Pool Complex Charles Sturt University Wagga WaggaNSWAustralia  2650
Sunday, January 29, 2017
Charles Sturt University Pool Complex Charles Sturt University Wagga WaggaNSWAustralia  2650

About This Activity


2017 Wagga ‘Come & Try’ Triathlon


Sunday, 29 January 2017


Charles Sturt University Pool Complex, Wagga Wagga


Check In:               6:30am onwards

Race Briefing:       15 minutes prior to race start

1st Race Start:       7.30am


Sub Junior (5-9 yrs)

Run 200m

Ride 1km

Run 200m

Junior (10-12 yrs)

Run 500m

Ride 2km

Swim 100m

Run 500m


Run 1k

Ride 7km

Swim 130m

Run 1km


Run 2k

Cycle 14k

Swim 200m

Run 2km


Tri Australia Members

Sub Junior – Individual $15

Junior – Individual       $15

Enticer– Individual       $25

Enticer – Teams          $30/Team

Sprint - Individual       $35

Sprint – Teams           $40/Team

Non- TA members (For one day licence)

Sub Junior - Individual              $20

Junior - Individual                    $20

Enticer – Individuals                 $30

Enticer – Teams                      $35/Team

Sprint – Individuals                  $40

Sprint – Teams                       $45/Team

Event details and schedule

Wagga Come & Try Triathlon – Sunday, 29 January 2017

Competitor race information

 Dear Competitor/Parent-Guardian

Thank you for entering Wagga Triathlon Club’s ‘Come & Try’ Triathlon.  The following provides information to competitors and parents/guardians of junior competitors.

What to bring

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, competitors will require the following items on race day:

  • Bike helmet – to Australian standards
  • Bike – in appropriate working condition
  • Runners/joggers – enclosed shoes must be worn during the cycle/run legs
  • Swimmers/Race suit
  • A singlet/shirt - torso must be covered during cycle/run legs
  • Hat/Sunscreen/sunglasses
  • Water bottle

Other optional gear

  • Towel
  • Swim goggles
  • Socks
  • Bike gloves
  • Bike pump
  • Change of clothes/bag for gear
  • Nutrition

Race Registration

Whilst competitors have entered online, each competitor must present themselves to race officials at race registration on Sunday morning to confirm their attendance and to have their race number applied.  Race registration will be located in the University gymnasium, adjacent to the transition area. 

Schedule of events 

6.30am - Race registration/Transition area opens

7.20am – Race briefing for Juniors 5 – 9 years (at start line on Valder Way)

7.30am – Junior 5 – 9 years race commences

Race briefs for each subsequent race will commence immediately upon the completion of the previous race.  Race start will then commence shortly afterwards.  

Approx 8.00am - Junior (10-12 years) Race start (preceded by race brief)

Approx 8.30am - Novice Race start (preceded by race brief)

Approx 9.30am - Open Race start (preceded by race brief)

PLEASE NOTE: THE ABOVE ARE APPROXIMATE TIMES ONLY, Competitors are required to be on site, presented themselves at race registration, had their number applied and be ready to race should the race schedule be running ahead of time.

Course Maps/Transition flows

Maps outlining the course for each race and the flows through transition are detailed in the following maps.  Please make yourselves familiar with these maps prior to Sunday morning.


PLEASE NOTE: The riding of bicycles is NOT permitted inside the transition area (i.e. within the pool complex)


As the four events of the ‘Come & Try’ Triathlon utilise Pine Gully Road and Valder Way (within the University), NO PARKING ALONG THESE ROADS IS PERMITTED.  Please utilise the dedicated parking stations indicated in the following University map including P31 or P27 along Bangala Way which are within a brief walking distance of the race transition area. 


Please note that Valder Way will be closed to traffic prior to the commencement of the first race (7.30am) and Pine Gully Road will be closed to traffic from 8am.  These roads will NOT be reopened until after the conclusion of the Open race (circa 12 noon) and NO vehicular access to either of these roads will be granted during this time in the interest of competitor safety.

For those intending to arrive later in the morning, we suggest you enter the university via Boorooma Street and either park in parking stations P31 or P27 or alternatively park on Nathan Cobb Drive east of Valder Way (near the tennis courts) or in P17 on Nathan Cobb Drive.  No vehicular access to Valder Way will be granted between the commencement of the first Junior race and the conclusion of the Open race.

Likewise, for those who won’t be staying for presentations (after the Open race) and need to leave early, we suggest you consider the above arrangements as requests to leave Charles Sturt University via Valder Way or Pine Gully Road prior to the conclusion of the Open race will be denied in the interests of competitor safety.

Triathlon Australia Sanctioning

As the ‘Come & Try’ has been sanctioned by the sports’ national body, Triathlon Australia, competitors are required to abide by a number of race rules, including:

  • A helmet (to Australian standards) must be worn by all cyclists
  • Bicycles must be in appropriate working condition
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn during the cycle and run legs
  • The upper torso must be covered during the cycle and run legs
  • Cyclists must have their helmet fastened prior to removing their bike from the bike rack to commence their cycle leg.
  • The helmet must be fastened for the entire duration of the cycle leg.
  • Upon return from the cycle leg, the competitor must rack their bike prior to unclasping their helmet.

Drafting & blocking

During the cycle leg, drafting and blocking are prohibited.  Drafting involves riding too close behind the cyclist in front of you to gain a benefit.  You must either maintain a distance of at least 7 metres (3-4 bike lengths) from the cyclist in front of you or overtake the cyclist in front of you (you can’t ride in the front cyclists slip stream for extended periods).   When you are passed by a cyclist, you are required to drop back out of the 7 metre draft zone before attempting to re-overtake the other cyclist subsequently. 

Blocking as the term suggests, describes the act of blocking other cyclists from passing. Cyclists must keep to the left hand side of the lane unless they are overtaking another cyclist.  Overtaking must be completed around the right hand side (i.e. no passing down the inside).

First Aid

Officers from St Johns Ambulance will be onsite for the duration of the ‘Come & Try’ Triathlon.  Should you require first aid, please notify a course official or present yourself to the St Johns tent which will be positioned adjacent to the finish line.

Swim leg

For each of the swim legs, swimmers will be directed to swim up the lane from their respective start point, then upon reaching the end of the pool, continue under the rope and swim back up the adjacent lane.  NOTE: Swimmers do NOT swim up and back within the same lane. 

For swimmers who require assistance during the swim leg, please stop, hold onto the nearest lane rope or end of the pool and raise your hand.  Lifeguards patrolling the swim leg will then provide assistance. 

Spectator viewing

In the interest of competitor safety, supporters are not permitted inside the transition area (pool complex) during races.  Supporters are asked to position themselves back from the edge on the south side of Valder Way.  Race officials will be in attendance to assist competitors in the transition area.  


Thank you again for your support of our event and we wish you all the best on Sunday.

Kind regards

Wagga Triathlon Club Race Committee

Organizer Info

Map & Direction

Charles Sturt University Pool Complex Charles Sturt University Wagga WaggaNSWAustralia  2650
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