6 Beach Volleyball Passing Tips

Summer has arrived and it's time to lose the shoes and head onto the beach to play some doubles.

Here are six quick tips to help get your beach game going and help you through your early-season passing woes.

1. Build it and you will pass. Remember, a good platform, with a relaxed, comfortable stance is the key to good passing.

2. See the ball. Many players tend to look up as the serve comes or "bail" because they are anxious to get into good hitting position. Remember to watch the serve into your platform.

3. Use your legs. Early in the beach season, your legs tire quickly. You may need to make a concentrated effort to keep good passing form.

4. Know thy partner. Communication is key. Talk to your partner and review who passes what...and when.

5. I know you are, but where am I? Before the serve look at the sideline and the end line. This will help you determine if the serve is going out.

6. Watch the wind. The wind plays a big part in the beach game. It is important to know the direction and speed of the wind and to adjust your passing to it. ... And don't forget the sun-screen. Keep Playing.

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