Pressure Drill for Serve Receivers

Purpose: To help your serve receivers strengthen their mentality during high pressure situations.

Set Up: Six on Six - One side gets to receive serve every rally. The score is 25-25. The serve receive side must pass a three (perfect) pass in order to be eligible to win the point.

If they don't they must play out the rally to "save" the point. If the serving side wins any rally they get a point. The first side to 30, by a cushion of 2 points, wins. The losers run a sprint.

'Tennis Drill'

Purpose: To change up the six on six play at practice. Offer a different scoring system to keep them motivated and having fun.

Set up: Six on Six

You play the game like a normal game of volleyball but you play one set to six games or two out of three sets to six games...however long you wanna make it.

  • Side A serves and scores it is 15-Love.
  • Side A serves and Side B scores - 15-15 - Side B rotates to serve
  • If you get to Deuce you will play rallies for Advantage In and/or Out and then the winning point.
  • After the first game it is 1-0 in the first set.

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