How to Improve Your Standing Blocks

(AP Photo/Thomas Haentzschel)

Here are two drills to hone your squad's standing block technique and increase your team's ability to reduce easy scoring chances.

Standing Block Drill for Pair

On opposite sides of the net: the hitter makes a running approach to the net, while the blocker waits and times their jump with the hitter's.

After you get this pattern down, the attacker mixes up their approach. This time, the attacker should turn in mid-air to face either sideline before going into the hitting position. The blocker again jumps with the hitter and must watch to see where the hitter is facing in mid-air and turn their hands in that direction.

After landing, the blocker needs to turn in the direction the hitter was facing to show he/she really saw the correct direction. The team should be divided into two lines on either side of the court and this drill should be run quickly and efficiently.

Standing Block Drill for Individuals

Standing still, have the player jump as high as possible. They should fully extend the arms, seal the net by pointing thumbs to the ceiling at a ball's distance apart and extend hands over the net to penetrate. When they land, have them immediately jump and repeat the process.

This can be done for 10-30 reps or on a time basis depending on what a coach wants. It is a good way for athletes to improve vertical jump as well as blocking ability. This is a good drill for coaches to work blocking fundamentals, conditioning, and a way to battle fatigue.

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