Beginner's Guide to Shuffling

Feel like your squad's footwork could stand some improvement? Here's a drill to help clean up your team's movement on the court--and allow them to respond to whatever the opposition does.

Why Shufflilng is Important

This drill, designed for beginners, emphasizes the fundamentals of 'shuffling' a player's feet. Although, shuffling is not a motion that can always be executed in competition, it is a good way to teach young volleyball players body control and a smooth approach--both vital skills for a young volleyball player.

How the Drill Works

One player tosses the ball at another who passes it back. The tosser lobs the ball high in the air, at least ten feet away from passer who must get to the ball.

The passer must shuffle-step to get to the ball without crossing their feet. (Try to get to the spot before the ball does.)

Drill Variations

  • Vary which side the ball is thrown so the passer does not cheat to the anticipated side.
  • After five tosses, switch so that the tosser now passes, and the passer now tosses.

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