Ask Coach Houser: Which Camp for my Freshman?

Coach Houser: My daughter is a freshman and has hopes of playing college ball some day. What camps should we be looking at for this summer?

I would ask your daughter in the next few months, "Name the two schools where you'd really like to play volleyball?"

She may say, "ABC and XYZ" Then I'd try to send her to those camps this summer so she has a chance to meet the coaches, see the campus, etc.

On the other hand, she may say, "Don't know," or she may say, "I don't think I want to play in college." If she says either of those, I recommend you send her to whatever camp she wants--within reason. Perhaps one of the camps that her school teammates are attending.

Come January 2011 and January 2012, I recommend you ask her the same question, and repeat the process. After graduation, most girls don't go to a camp, even though it's currently legal.

Most graduates, who are going to be playing college ball within a few months, condition/lift/train intensely in order to be able to compete with their teammates and opponents the next fall. When my daughter completed her sophomore and junior years, she went to the Nike camps at JMU. She wanted to play there, so we sent her.

If your daughter just wants to have fun, get tanned, and improve her overall game, outdoor doubles is the best way to improve. Plus, there's no pressure, it's cheap........there are a dozen good things about playing doubles. When I was a coach, I used to host doubles tournaments for my school kids. They're a BLAST!!

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