Ask Coach Houser: How Do I Get My Daughter on a Club Team?

Coach Houser:

I have a 13-year-old daughter who wants to join any volleyball club that'll take her. (We live in LA) Could you help us?

It's great to hear from you. Your daughter should have plenty of opportunity to play on a club team, because the season for club volleyball is from the end of high school through much of the spring.

How Club Works

Now, it is possible that many of the club teams have already had tryouts for this coming winter/spring. Yes, some clubs' goals are to develop scholarship athletes; thus, they do everything early, trying to attract the best players.

But many junior clubs are just trying to let kids have fun, improve, etc. (The one I coach for in about in the middle.) I imagine the "have fun, improve" clubs have not all had their tryouts.

But I could be wrong. Here in Virginia, NO club has had tryouts, because it's not legal until after the school season has finished. Thus our tryouts are Nov 20.

Reaching Out

The best idea to find a club that's good for your daughter is to contact the junior high coach and ask them. They may know more than I do about junior volleyball in your area.

If that's unsuccessful, contact your daughter's future high school coach. They should know what's going on. (I sure HOPE they do!!)

Get a Second Opinion

I also recommend that you speak to parents of girls who have played club ball and are going into the 7th, 8th, 9th grade. What club did they play for? Why? Does the particular club really matter? Really? Why? What are the goals of the clubs?

To develop D1 athletes? (This could entail four to five practices a week, with mandatory conditioning with teammates, and a very large entry fee)

Or to let kids improve, have fun, etc? (Two to three practices a week and girls do whatever conditioning they do on their own. This team fee will probably be under $1000.)

Do the parents recommend any certain coaches? Do they recommend you avoid any certain coaches?

Last Resort

So let's say the coaches and your daughter's friends' parents can't help you. How to you find a club?

The USA is split into about 44 "regions". You live in this one. You can visit the website, and look for a list of clubs. Almost all region website have such a list.

To see all the regions in the US, click here.

Thank you again for the email. I hope your search goes well.

Tom Houser
Head Coach, 2010 Roanoke Juniors 16's National
JOVC Qualified-2006, 2009
Director, STAR Volleyball Camps
Author, "I Can't Wait" Drill Collection and Ebooks

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