9 Ways to Sharpen Your Serve Game

If you can't serve effectively, you won't dominate on the volleyball court. Here are nine tips volleyball players can add to their serve routine to boost their scoring potential and make them more productive athletes.

Serving Tip No.1: Make Contact

Watch where you make contact on the ball in practice. You can focus on making good contact with the ball once you've lined up your body and faced where you want to serve.

Serving Tip No.2: Decide to Attack

Decide mentally that you are going to begin the play by attacking with your serve. Have the same mentality with your serve that you have with your spike unless your coach instructs you to serve short to the front row.

Serving Tip No.3: Practice

Serve 50 to 100 balls before and after practice. Set a goal and aim for each of the six positions on the opposing court. Meet your goal before serving to the next position.

Serving Tip No.4: Run

Mix up your serving practice by doing laps or sprints between serves. You often go back to serve in a game when you are out of breath. Get used to recreating game-type situations so you are used to stressful situations when serving in a game.

Serving Tip No.5: Homework

Practice your toss at home without your arm swing. The toss is the one element of the serve that can allow many young players to become point-making machines when they correct.

Serving Tip No.6: Consistency

Do at least 50 to 100 reps a day three times a week until the ball goes up the same height. Aim for two feet in the air, coming down in the same spot twelve inches in front of your front foot every time.

Serving Tip No.7: Look in the Mirror

Practice your arm swing at home, in the mirror. Do 50 to 100 reps every other day three times a week until you automatically pull your elbow back, keeping it high above your ear.

Serving Tip No.8: Visualize

Visualize yourself serving a tough serve that lands in the court to the specific position you choose. This is a great way of conducting your serving practice outside the gym.

Serving Tip No.9: Think Aces

Envision yourself scoring an ace serve over and over again. Play it in your mind. This mental exercise helps you automatically perform your tough serving action.

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