5 Reasons Volleyball is Perfect for Middle-Schoolers

Coach Houser:

We are new to volleyball, becuase my 13-year-old daughter has played softball mostly. She has actually played travel ball for several years. So, we're a dedicated softball family.

My daughter became a fan of volleyball very quickly and now loves the sport as much as softball. As a dad who loves softball I must say I'm beginning to sway a little myself after watching these kids grow and play over the last several tournaments.

Is this normal? It's happening to all my daughter's friends, and they go to several different schools. They're ditching the sports they used to love left and right.

Volleyball has a lot of positives for girls who are becoming middle-school age.

  1. Action, action, action for the girls, and not so much standing and watching. This goes for practice also.
  2. So much momentum, so much excitement for players. Heart-stopping for parents. For example, this past weekend in Asheville NC, my team was undefeated and ahead 16-8 in the final game of the final match, then moments later the score was 20-20. We also won a set 31-29, and beat a team from our own club 29-27, 25-23. Softball doesn't offer this type of excitement.
  3. Less Contact. Volleyball players don't have to come in contact with opponents, which means: no kicking, pushing, pinching, "taking her out," no hair pulling, etc. My freak of nature soccer stepdaughter played volleyball for one year, then never had the fire for soccer again becuse she just wasn't into the tripping, pushing, etc. that soccer players are often expected to do.
  4. Less strenuous. Not as much conditioning is required.
  5. It's indoors! So you don't have to play in the rain, the mud, the boiling heat or the snow.

I'm not trying to advertise. But these are some of the reasons that many little girls gravitate towards volleyball as they get older. I pity the basketball program of our local high school. They rarely have a winning basketball team because every little girl wants to be another state champion.

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