10 Keys to Blocking Effectively

No matter how good of a blocker you are, you can always improve. Here are some tips to improve your team's blocking and reduce your opponent's scoring chances.

Becoming a master of blocking techniques is 95 percent work and five percent natural ability. Here are 10 key elements every blocker should know for taking her skills to the next level:

  1. Remember the last shot your opponent hit.
  2. Block the low hard hit balls. Dig the balls over and around the block.
  3. When alone, block cross court.
  4. Most hitters hit where they face.
  5. Time your jump to your opponent, not the ball.
  6. Seal and penetrate; control the net.
  7. Block from a stationary position.
  8. Block aggressively, not randomly.
  9. Blocks often come in bunches. Be patient.
  10. Never give up a straight down hit.

Bond Shymansky is the Marquette University women's volleyball head coach. For more information about the program visit the Marquette volleyball team page.

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