Girlfriends & Dudes Triathlon, Duathlon & Kids Tri

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Frenchman's Bar Park 9216 Lower River Road Vancouver, WA VancouverWA  98660
Sunday, July 20, 2014
Frenchman's Bar Park 9216 Lower River Road Vancouver, WA VancouverWA  98660

About This Activity

Yes, you CAN cross the finish line!
Short Distance Triathlon:

This Triathlon is a perfect distance for the novice or veteran triathlete. It's short enough that anyone can finish it. And for those who are more experienced, you can push the pace and work on your speed.

9:00am: Charity Wave Start
9:10am: Women 39 and younger begin
9:15am: Women 40 and above begin
9:20am: Men 39 and younger begin
9:25am: Men 40 and older begin and all Relay Teams

1/2 Mile Swim: A fast, down current swim in the Columbia River! Novice swimmers can feel comfortable knowing the edge is just a few feet away in the event they get tired. The only rule is you can't advance forward if you're touching the sand. So if you must take a break, you must stay where you are until you are ready to resume swimming. Any swim stroke is acceptable including front crawl, back crawl, side-stroke, back float and doggie paddle. :) Athletes will walk from the swim exit to the swim start 1/2 mile upstream. Consider it a great warm-up! Wetsuits or pull buoys are allowed but not required. You can even use arm floaties or swim vests if that would make you feel more safe. :)

Bike: The cycle is a 12.5 mile flat ride along country roads. Road or mountain bikes are allowed. Helmets are required.

Run/Walk: The course is a 3 mile flat, out and back run or walk on paved trails.


1st Run/Walk: You will start with a 2 mile flat, out and back run or walk.

Bike: The cycle is a 12.5 mile flat ride along country roads. Road or mountain bikes are allowed. Helmets are required.

Run/Walk: You will finish with a 3 mile flat, out and back run or walk on paved trails.


Kids Mini Tri Detials 

Details for Kids Mini Tri:

*Start time will be approximately 12:00 once all the adults have completed the Adult Tri and Duathlon.

1. Swim Assistance from parent/guardian: Swim assistance is MANDATORY during the swim course. At least one parent/guardian must walk or swim side by side with their child for safety reasons. For older children (11+ category)whose parents confirm the child is a very strong swimmer, it is acceptable to have the adult watch their child along the riverbank. However, this is a river with a current, so each child must have one adult overseeing them the entire time they are in the water. In addition, adult volunteers will be in the water for safety.

2. Adult Course Assistance: Younger children should be assisted throughout the entire event by a parent/guardian to ensure they stay on course and are encouraged. As much as possible, try to let them do everything by themselves (but assistance is allowed to ensure a positive experience). It's also helpful to have the parent there to keep them on the right side of the trail during the bike portion. If they will be completing the bike on their own, be sure you discuss with them the importance of staying to the right of the trail and not making any abrupt changes in direction to avoid any bike crashes.

3. Swim Aids: Swim aids such as kickboards or flotation devices will be allowed. No performance enhancing devices such as fins will be allowed.

4. Training Wheels - Training wheels will be allowed.

5. Age-Limits - The upper age limit is 15 years old at the time of the event. There is no set lower age limit but parents/guardians should assess the child's abilities to complete the prescribed course. The Kids Mini Tri is designed to be a positive experience and no child should be entered that is not going to benefit from the experience. Being asked to perform beyond one's abilities may not be a positive experience so help them train so they are properly prepared.

Swim Distance:
1. 6 and under: 25 yards
2. 7-10 years: 100 yards
3. 11-15 years: 200 yards

Bike Distance:
1. 6 and under: 1 mile
2. 7-10 years: 2 miles
3. 11-15 years: 3 miles

Run Distance:
1. 6 and under: ¼ mile
2. 7-10 years: ½ mile
3. 11-15 years: 3/4 mile

Note: Finisher’s Medal – All Kids Tri participants receive a finisher’s medal or trophy. No placement awards will be given for the Kids Tri.

Cost Includes:
• Technical Runner’s Shirt or large Triathlon Towel for Adults & Kids
• Accurate Chip Timing for Adults
• Finisher’s Gift for Adults & Kids
• Bag of stuff
• Post-Race Festivities – ongoing as triathletes finish
• Music / Live Band
• Massage
• Stretching
• Food
• Vendors/Health Fair
• Volleyball games
• Awards Ceremony – 11:30am

Not a bad price for a fun event, shirt, food, Live Concert and so much more!


Children's Center
The Children's Center
Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the Children’s Center can commit to serving the mental health needs of the children and families of Clark County, Washington. It takes all of our available resources to enable our professional staff to work with youth and provide issue-specific treatment intervention. These staff members offer children and their families hope for the future.

Our clients walk into our clinic with any number of issues related to the following:

* Domestic violence
* Physical or sexual abuse
* Parenting
* School-related behavioral problems
* Adoption
* Chronic mental disorders (i.e. bipolar disorder, schizophrenia)

We offer an extensive outreach program through the Evergreen and Vancouver School Districts by providing on-site services to students and their parents.

It is often difficult to comprehend the scope of mental health issues within the community. However, the following illustrates the tremendous need for our services:

* The Children’s Center served close to 1500 children and families between July 2005 and June 2006.
* 93% of families served live in poverty.
* 8% of the children served were treated for issues related to sexual abuse.
* 22% of the children served were victims of crime, including physical abuse and/or domestic violence.


Event details and schedule

Packet Pick Up! 

Northwest Personal Training
1011 Broadway, Vancouver WA 98660:

Friday July 18th from 5:30am-7:00pm
Saturday July 19th from 8:00am-5:00pm

Note: You cannot pick up your registration kit on Race Day. It is too crazy to accommodate this so please arrange to pick up on either Friday or Saturday. If you absolutely cannot get there on Friday and Saturday, we will still accommodate you; it just makes it a lot easier on us and you if the majority of people pick up their packets ahead of race day. We want to make it as stress-free of a day for everyone! Thanks so much for understanding!

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Frenchman's Bar Park 9216 Lower River Road Vancouver, WA VancouverWA  98660
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