Get Golf Ready I (July/Aug: Saturdays, 3:30p-5p)

Green Mountain Golf Course

Saturday, July 13, 2013 - Saturday, August 10, 2013
Green Mountain Golf Course 2817 NE Ingle Road VancouverWA  98682
Saturday, July 13, 2013 - Saturday, August 10, 2013
Green Mountain Golf Course 2817 NE Ingle Road VancouverWA  98682

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What's Included

Give us 5 sessions and we'll give you a sport for a lifetime...Whether you're looking for fun activity to connect with family, friends or colleagues, or you've got "Doctor's Orders" telling you golf is the wellness activity you need...OR you fit into the "I used to play...and would like to learn again…the right way," this is the IDEAL way to get started (or re-started.) The Get Golf Ready Program is designed to teach you, and in fact, orient you to golf in five short small group sessions. Of course we help you with how to play the game, but we also provide a complete orientation to ensure you feel good about being on the course, so you can step onto the golf course and play with confidence (and a sense of belonging.) Get Golf Ready will be guided by our trained golf professional, Kevin Coombs, PGA, with support from other golf staff on site, who will make sure you have fun each step of the way.

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Our "why" at GMGC is to create a fun, safe atmosphere where any adult, (no matter their age, athletic ability or confidence level,) can learn to feel competent and comfortable on the golf the process, we hope to provide opportunities to build friendships, make new ones and find the joys golf can bring to your life beyond the pleasure of hitting solid golf shot! (And there are fresh air, health and wellness and the aforementioned friendships.)

"One big obstacle inexperienced golfers have to getting on the course is not fitting in...they naturally fear being in the wrong place, saying the wrong thing, or acting the wrong way and standing out like a sore thumb. My why in these clinics is to overcome these fears with a fun delivery, in a safe environment focused on sharing my love of the game with them..." Kevin Coombs, PGA

If you're a novice to golf or someone looking for a true "foundational" experience, Get Golf Ready is for you! It's a "comprehensive, structured" learn to golf program we believe in at GMGC. In five 90-minute sessions, leading you from the putting green back to the tee with skill specific instruction grounded in overall orientation, belonging and etiquette concepts will fit your "why" as well.

We combat the intimidation "head on" with Get Golf Ready! We'll teach you how to be COMPETENT ON THE COURSE and COMFORTABLE ON THE COURSE too!

Cost is only $99 per student. That's 7.5 hours of instruction for only $99.
That much instruction can cost over $450. Develop your own GGR class with friends and a schedule that works for you. Call Kevin at 360.833.8463 for more information today...

Learn about OR REGISTER FOR our "Get Golf Ready FUN League" on Saturday afternoons too!

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Green Mountain Golf Course 2817 NE Ingle Road VancouverWA  98682
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