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Sole Girls - Vancouver Hootsuite Building

Sunday, March 5, 2017
Vancouver Hootsuite Building 111 East 5th Ave VancouverBCCanada  V5T 4L1
Sunday, March 5, 2017
Vancouver Hootsuite Building 111 East 5th Ave VancouverBCCanada  V5T 4L1

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What's Included

​What is a MentHER? ​ Ladies with SOLE. You are a role model, you live your values, you walk the talk and most of all you want girls to be happy and succeed. Secondary and Post-Secondary Students ​Our training is designed for high school and post-secondary students as well as community members who want to make an impact! The Training ​ MentHERship Training is a one-day program focusing on mentorship. The training involves setting goals, group dynamics and looking back at your tween self. If you have experienced the "Girl World" and want to empower girls in your community, join us a become a powerful mentor. We will help you learn how to share your story with others! Program Outcomes Understand the meaning of a mentor and what kind of impact a mentor can make. Learn how to set goals and discuss values. Amplify impact by learning how to share your story with tweens. Get out of “adults brain” and look back at what you were like as tween. Learn how to be an effective and memorable facilitator. Have a good understanding of Sole Girls vision, values and curriculum. Know a Soleteer’s role in Sole Girls. Training Certification ​When participants have completed both the practical component and workbook assignments of the one day MentHERship Training program, participants will receive certification as a Sole Girls Volunteer. Volunteer with us and receive reimbursement!

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Sole Girls is changing the world we live in by giving girls the tools to be physically active, connected, confident, and empowered! Our programs combine physical activity and personal development. Physical Activity is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and contribute to a lifetime of healthy lifestyles. Running is easy to do, not a lot of equipment is needed and can be done anywhere in a non-competitive environment and is very community oriented. 


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  • Sole Girls

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Vancouver Hootsuite Building 111 East 5th Ave VancouverBCCanada  V5T 4L1
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