Saturday, April 4th, 9 am

Knollwood Golf Academy - Rolling Hills GC

Saturday, April 4, 2015 - Saturday, May 9, 2015
Rolling Hills GC 8900 E 29th Street TUCSONAZ  85710
Saturday, April 4, 2015 - Saturday, May 9, 2015
Rolling Hills GC 8900 E 29th Street TUCSONAZ  85710

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What's Included

Get Golf Ready - Learn Class. 5 one-hour classes covering full-swing and short game. This is class suitable for beginning golfers and existing golfers who want to improve their understanding of what the club is designed to do, how irons and woods work and the short game shots. There will be no class April 11th

About This Organizer

Knollwood Golf Academy has only PGA/LPGA Golf Professionals work on our team of instructors. PGA Director of Golf Instruction, Dan Wickman is an award winning teacher. The recipient of the  Teacher of the Year in 2011.


We love teaching juniors and adults how to play and enjoy the great game of golf. Our students are our friends and a part of our lives. Our greatest accomplishment is our students playing better golf, scoring better and playing more golf.


Our programs includes the best golf instruction for short game and full-swing. We utilize video and we use clubfitting in all of our programs. The correct fitting clubs are a big part of an efficient and effective golf swing.


We explain what the golf club is designed to do. How the ball flight laws of face, path and angle equate to the way each person swings and compresses teh ball. We explain what the club must do at impact to produce compression of the golf ball and solid impact.


Our goal for our students is to make an aggressive swing every time they swing, with a putter, wedge, iron or wood. An aggressive swing is a swing in which we eel like we complete the backswing, then feel like we complete the through-swing and we see impact.


We take you through the learning process of understanding what is correct, making the correct motion/position comfortable and then building confidence with the correct motion.



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  • Knollwood Golf Academy

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Rolling Hills GC 8900 E 29th Street TUCSONAZ  85710
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