Junior Instructional Golf League 2013 -Tuesdays -18 hole 6:45am-10:30am

Toski Golf Academy

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Toski Golf Academy 1450 East South Boulevard TroyMI  48085
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Toski Golf Academy 1450 East South Boulevard TroyMI  48085

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What's Included

The Junior Instructional League is a nine week program designed for juniors (ages 7/15) of all levels. Experienced as well as entry level golfers will benefit from this fun summer program. Golfers will be divided into four groups based on age and playing ability. The emphasis of this program is to continue to develop young golfers and teach life enhancing values such as honesty, integrity, respect, confidence and good sportsmanship. Each week junior golfers will be assigned a time to be on the practice tee or short game area for their clinic. The golf clinics will focus on full swing instruction, short game instruction, on-course strategy, rules and etiquette, and how to practice for lasting improvement. After each group has finished their clinic, they proceed to the tee and play their round. Eighteen (18) holers play first, then nine (9) holers, then six (6) holers, and finally the three (3) holers.

About This Organizer

We are pleased to announce our 2016 golf programs.  In the ten years our Academy has been in Troy, the demand for our programs has proven to us that what we do achieves results for our clients. So in response to your many requests, we have expanded some of our most popular programs and launched some new programs in order to better serve you, are valued clients.  We know you will be as excited about this years programs as we are.

All our instructional programs combine time-proven techniques with the most innovative training technology available today and refllect our belief that both the student and the instructor need to be committed to the process of achieving your goals in golf.  We, at the Academy, have learned that htere is a big difference between just taking lessons, and really working together with an instructor.  Building a fundementally sound golf swing is one thing, but developing a complete golf game and lowering your scores is another.  We want to help you achieve both!  Our comprehensive instructional programs include all the key elements necessary to help you become the player you dream to be.  These key elements include: full swing technique, short game technique,  on course stategy, how to practice, mental preparation, golf fitness and properly fitted equipment.

Every instuctor at the Academy utilizes the Foresight GC2 launch monitor and the V1 Golf Digital Coaching system.  The Foresight GC2 allows us to compare swing, grip, set up and equipment changes with actual ball performance data.  The V1 Golf Digital Coaching system is one of the finest video analysis system available.  Swings are digitally captured for playback, analysis, evaluation and comparision.  Your swing can be viewed from face-on or down the target line.  Slow motion evalulation and comparision to past swings or to tour player swings is a great way to improve your swing mechanics.

Our goal is to help our students improve their techniques and enjoyment of the game of gaolf.  Our programs are described on our website and we encourage you to contact our professional staff by phone or e-mail to answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to seeing you in one of our golf programs this session!

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  • Toski Golf Academy

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Toski Golf Academy 1450 East South Boulevard TroyMI  48085
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