Q&A With Mark Wilson: HITS Triathlon Series Race Director

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Thinking about a triathlon but intimidated by the distance? The HITS Triathlon Series is for you.

Designed with the beginner triathlete in mind, the HITS Open was created especially for first timers who never thought that competing in a triathlon was possible. Featuring a 100-meter swim, a three-mile bike and one-mile run, the HITS Open makes triathlon possible for any level of athlete.

And for seasoned triathletes, HITS offers a series of Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full triathlons in some of the best locations in the U.S. -- making the HITS series a true destination event.

We sat down with HITS Triathlon race director Mark Wilson for some insight on what makes the HITS Triathlon Series one of the premier triathlon events in the world.

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Q: Who is best served by participating in a HITS triathlon? Should you have an advanced racing background or can beginners participate?

A: All levels will be well served. Our "a distance for everyone" philosophy provides an opportunity for anyone from any background to become a triathlete and progress through the distances.

Q: How do the varying distances benefit the beginner and also an experienced triathlete?

A: Offering five distance at each of our events allows athletes to not get pigeonholed into just one distance. The shorter distances are not just for the less experienced, and the longer distances are not just for the most experienced.

Realizing that gives athletes options and allows them to choose the distance and the pace that is right for them. Our events also give friends and families the opportunity to race at the same event in varying distances. Also, being exposed to the longer distances at their event is great for beginner triathletes -- it exposes them to a broad range of opportunities and motivates them to advance.

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Q: For beginners, what are the benefits of one of these specially designed distances?

A: The HITS Open is so doable and in turn it presents the world of sport to so many people who never thought a triathlon was possible. It's exactly what the sport needed because it presents so many possibilities, as well as bridging the gap between distances -- you don't have to be Full distance racer to be a triathlete.

Q: What are some other benefits of the HITS beginner series?

A: The HITS Open was designed to welcome new triathletes to the sport and has also become a great option for recovery and warm-up racing.

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