Her Story: Sara Landolt, tried and true

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Because nothing motivates us to stay healthy and active more than hearing stories of other athletic women, Her Sports brings you Her Story, monthly profiles of women like you.

Sara Landolt
McFarland, Wis.

Sports: Triathlon, running, swimming

Age: 33

Profession: Mom

How I got started in sports: My husband, Kenneth, motivated me to try sports. This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary by completing a race together.

Favorite spot to be active: Military Ridge State Park Trail and Glacial Drumlin State Trail in Wisconsin.

Life/sport philosophy: If you think something is too challenging, change your mind first, your body will follow.

Athletic highlights: Finishing Ford Ironman Florida 2005.

Athletic goals: To improve my Ironman time and encourage as many people as possible to give triathlon a chance.

Favorite fuel: Bananas, espresso, GU Energy Gel and Clif bars.

Favorite indulgence: Ice-cream cake.

When I'm not training for triathlons, I'm: Learning Spanish, leading a Bible study group and writing a book, IronMakeover: How I Beat the Clock, Fear, Weight and Expectations to Become an Ironman.

Other interesting facts: I failed my first Ironman attempt and came back to finish two years later at a different venue.

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