Wayne Bryan Presents Free Webinar on 'Raising Your Child to Be a Champion'

Wayne Bryan is the father and coach of the World No. 1 doubles team, Bob and Mike Bryan.

You're invited to a FREE webinar hosted by Active Network, Sports, featuring Wayne Bryan on "Raising Your Child to be a Champion."

Whether you're raising kids of your own or working with kids in youth sports (or both), chances are you're looking for ways to inspire and motivate them.

"Everyone needs to be a champion at something," Wayne Bryan says. "You must give your child something to be excited about, to dream about, to aspire to."

Join us for this special webinar presentation to learn about Bryan's successful formula for raising champions.

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In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Why you should raise a champion
  • Making it fun: the cornerstone of Wayne's formula
  • Pushing the "passion button"
  • Playing first, learning later
  • Instilling values in your champion
  • Putting the formula into action

As father, coach and mentor, Wayne Bryan helped his twin sons earn scholarships to Stanford University and become the world's No. 1 tennis doubles team. His winning philosophy has always been simple: Focus on playing before learning, motivate early and most of all, have fun.

Wayne Bryan heads up KIDS DAYS for the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and is a frequent national tennis clinician and speaker.? He founded and ran the Cabrillo Racquet Club, with numerous nationally ranked players and youngsters being awarded Division I tennis scholarships.? Bryan speaks for the USTA, the USPTA and the USPTR on a variety of topics.

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Webinar Details:

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Time: 1pm – 2pm Pacific Daylight Time
Cost: Free

Praise for "Raising Your Child to be a Champion" by Wayne Bryan:

"This book goes a long way to explain why the Bryan brothers are such fine tennis players and such fine people. As a parent and a coach, I applaud you!"
- Mary Carillo, TV commentator and sports journalist.

"Keep a yellow marker handy when you read this book; you will highlight the secrets to a better life for everyone close to your heart"
- Vic Braden, Vista Santa Rosa, CA.

"Raising Your Child to be a Champion personifies Wayne Bryan's enthusiasm, energy and zest for life. It presents simple, concise, short and inviting chapters full of relevant and fascinating anecdotes! This must be one of the best and most useful books on 'parenting' ever written."
- Dick Gould, Men's Tennis Coach, Stanford University.

"Since 'parenting' is the most important profession for the future welfare of all manking, I urge all to read The Formula, Raising Your Child to be a Champion"
- John Wooden, Legendary Basketball Coach, UCLA.

"This little blue book is great for EVERYBODY. It will even help coaches, and you can believe that!"
- Sparky Anderson, Hall of Fame manager for the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers.

"This book is vintage Wayne Bryan -- filled with positive anecdotes & fun, energy & fun, strong values & fun, motivation & fun... It is amazing how a book that is so easy to read can say so much. Anyone who interacts with kids in ANY capacity needs to read this book. Our society needs a book like this and who better to do it than him. I'll be waiting for his video."
- Michele Conlon, Women's Tennis Coach, Iowa State University.

"I truly LOVE it! I immediately thought of all the people I should give it to . . . . . I enjoyed what he has to say and certainly agree with all of it. It was so refreshing to hear from a guy whose kids have succeeded at the highest levels"
- Lissa Muscatine, Washington, D.C., Hillary Clinton's Press Secretary.

'FANTASTIC. TERRIFIC. PASSIONATE. RELEVANT. USEFUL. The book is just filled with wonderful, useful, engaging and insightful pointers --- for parents, for kids, for players, for anyone with any ambition in anything."
- Joel Drucker, Tennis Writer, Oakland, CA.

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