Tennis Drill: Down the Lines

Tennis Drill: Down the Lines

Category: Hitting
Submitted by: Brandon K.

Drill Description:
Each player begins in the center of the court on the baseline. Player B feeds the ball to the Player A, who then returns it cross-court. The two continue the cross-court rally, and on the fifth return Player A sends the ball down the outside line.

If Player B successfully returns, it should be cross-court. Continue the cross-court rally, and again on the fifth return Player B returns it down the outside line.

Try to land the ball as close to the line as possible, but don't get too fine!

This drill is intended to familiarize players with cross-court rallies for both forehand and backhand, and perfecting their down-the-line accuracy and speed. It also builds endurance to run down returns.

They can also play a game where the first person to eleven wins. Doubles alleys do not count.?

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