Tennis Drills to Improve Your Skills

For improved stroke accuracy and increased endurance, try these drills designed to fine-tune your technique.

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Tennis Drill

Tennis Drill: Down the Lines

This drill is intended to familiarize players with cross-court rallies for both forehand and backhand, and perfecting their down-the-line accuracy and speed. It also builds endurance to run down returns.

Tennis Drill

Tennis Drill: Up and Back Overhead

This is a good drill to work on moving back for your overheads and to work on the scissor-kick jump that is necessary for some overheads.

Tennis Drill

Tennis Drill: Cross-Court Forehand

This drill is designed to work specifically on the forehand. The better the players become at hitting cross-court, the harder they can hit the ball.

Tennis Drill

Tennis Drill: One Corner - Baseline

The goal of this drill is to have one player move side to side while keeping the ball in play. This will improve that person's stamina due to the running, and also improve accuracy as the player hits only to one corner.

Tennis Drill

Tennis Drill: 20-Ball Suicide

The goal is to make players run as much as possible to increase stamina and push endurance limits. Points within long matches can run long and those who are strong in the end will succeed.

Tennis Drill

Tennis Drill: Serving to Cones

Repetition is outstanding practice for serving. This drill works on developing muscle memory for improved stroke accuracy and pace.

Tennis Drill

Tennis Drill: One Corner - Net

The goal of this drill is to give the net man a good workout while improving his volley skills.

Tennis Drill

Tennis Drill: Serve and Volley Crosscourt

This drill works on both serving accuracy and return accuracy. By limiting the area to play with, the players must concentrate. Using competition also helps to keep the players motivated and working hard.

Tennis Drill

Tennis Drill: Volley to the Corners

This drill stresses footwork and fundamentals for playing at the net. The goal is to move the net man around a lot so that he gets a good work out as well as practice hitting to the corners.

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