Nail the hairpin turn

Switchbacks are like hairpin turns. Trailbuilders blaze through them when the slope is too steep to go straight up or down. Here are three hints to get you through the next one:

  • Steer wide so the pitch is less severe.
  • At the apex (where the turn is most pronounced), cut inside.
  • On way-tight switchbacks, some riders counter-steer. As you approach the turn, lean and steer in the opposite direction you want to go. When you enter the turn, quickly lean and steer inside. Do it right and your rear wheel will turn tighter than your front wheel.

    The proper riding grip
    Grasp the bar just firmly enough to maintain control. Set the brake levers close to the grips and angle them so you can extend a finger or two around each and still hold the bar comfortably. Always ride with your thumbs under the bar so your hands wont slip on a bump.

    On rough terrain, grip more firmly for safety and use bent arms to absorb bouncing. Firm grips are less fatiguing to the hands than the squishy ones that feel so nice on the showroom floor.

    Miss a digest?

    Feather or stutter the brake

    Control those high-speed descents

    Dont lose those those GripShift shifters too much

    Proper saddle position equals power and efficiency

    Learn some new skills, impress your friends

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